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1. Quartz Sands
    High purity quartz sand is the cornerstone for high quality quartz finished products. With over 30 years experiences in developing high purity quartz sands, we successfully set up our own refining process. By using such refining process, we do ensure the purity of the quartz materials we offer to various industries....

2. Transparent Quartz Tubes
    Quartz Link has developed four major grades of transparent tubes to meet the needs of different applications.Grade QL110 is a general flame fused type which includes 3 sub-grades depending on different OH content....

3. Translucent Quartz Tubes
    Quartz Link is one of the leading manufacturers of opaque and translucent flame fused quartz tubes. These tubes are widely used in heating industry as heating elements for their good temperature resistance....

4. Large Diameter Tubes
    In the semiconductor industry, large diameter fused quartz tubes are widely used as materials of furnace chambers for processing silicon wafers due to their high purity and excellent heat resistance. Quartz Link offers two methods to produce these large diameter tubes: electrically fusion and flame fusion....

5. Quartz Sleeves
    Out of various stocked quartz tubes, our skilled working craftsmen make different types of customer-tailored quartz sleeves, which are widely used as the protection to the UV lamps in water treatment industry, as well as cooling tube of water cool system in a UV curing system....

6. Quartz Rods
    Quartz Link is among the leading suppliers of Flame fused quartz rods in the world quartz market. There are two types of fused quartz rods with different levels of performances required in different applications....

7. Quartz Plates and Disks
    Quartz Plates and Disks have wide applications in various industries such as semiconductor, optics and fabrication. Quartz Link has devoted itself to developing different types of quartz plates considering the different requests by customers. Three levels of plates and disks depending on three types of production metho...

8. Opaque Quartz Parts
    Opaque quartz tubes are made by newly-developed fused method, which we call ˇ°rotational fusionˇ±. This production process is primarily used to make opaque quartz tubes and crucibles, with an even, dense wall and a glazed, non-porous inner surface. We also fabricate various opaque rings, covers and other parts out of these two basic materials by subsequent machining and hot processing....

9. Twin-Bore Tubes
    Twin Bore Tube is one of the patent products which has been widely used by infrared heater manufacturers all over the world. All of the typical sizes are available. Gold reflector inside or outside the surface of the tubes is also available upon requests....

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