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Printing industry

Quartz products are widely used in printing industry in terms of drying solutions. Infrared technology and UV technology are the most popular drying solutions.

In Infrared solutions, the heating by the Infrared Quartz emitters allows the ink to penetrate into the paper more quickly. The UV compounds, in contrast with the conventional coatings, are almost solvent-free, therefore the use of this technology eliminates the problem of formation of gas sacks and consequently it eliminates the danger of explosion during the drying process.

In both systems, following quartz products are usually used:

Quartz Cooling Tubes

Quartz Link can supply all kinds of replaced quartz cooling tubes for water-cooled systems.  We are always holding huge quantity tube stocks to satisfy every unique and small requirement from our customers.  Also our skilled working craftsmen can make customer-tailored flanged end, domed end, flat-closed end, glazed ends and all special types of quartz sleeves. 

Quartz Plates

High quality, flat quartz plates are available from Quartz Link. Simply specify the length, width and thickness that you require, we are able to quote within 24 hours and we guarantee ˇ°NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITYˇ± for all sizes.  Quick response, short lead time, competitive prices and highest-grade quality is what you can expect after placing orders to Quartz Link.

Quartz Segments

Quartz Link is proud to supply various quartz segments to our worldwide customers in printing industry.  We have many experiences in making quarter segment, half tubes, and all other specific shapes.  Simply send us the drawing and let us know the length, we can supply what you need in very short time.

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