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Quartz Link starts the production from the very beginning raw materials: quartz sands.

Our quartz base materials include Transparent quartz tubes for lamp industries; Translucent quartz tubes for heater and dryer makers; Large diameter tubes used a processing furnaces in semiconductor and solar industries; Quartz sleeves for water treatment industries; Quartz rods for fabricators and fiber optics; Three types of quartz plates and disks for various quartz wares and optical appliances; Newly developed Opaque parts widely used in furnaces for solar industry; etc. With the efforts of Quartz Link in research and new products development, twin-bore tubes for infrared heaters is one of many patent products that have been developed in Quartz Link.

In addition to a wide range of the standard quartz base materials, Quartz Link takes pride from its flexibility in supplying customersˇä uniquely-designed items in small batches within short lead time.

By monitoring in-coming raw material, conducting in-process inspection, introducing advanced technology and testing equipment and adopting effective internal management system, Quartz Link stands out on its reliable product quality, consistent product performance and tailor-made customer services.

Quartz Link, your reliable quartz source across the world.

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