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Solar industry

The success of renewable-energy sources depends on improved efficiencies. Fused quartz is a material of primary importance because it improves the efficiency of solar powered devices. It¡¯s also helping researchers drive down the cost of solar devices. Quartz glass is used in many facets of photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing, in light sources, reaction chambers, and tools used in the production of solar cells, thin films, and silicon wafers. The material¡¯s stability, chemical purity, transmissivity to light, and heat resistance has made quartz vital to the production of semiconductors.

Quartz Link is proud to supply many types of quartz products in the whole manufacturing process as well as in technical developing and testing.

Our unique opaque products in shape of rings, flanges, and cylinders are widely used in polysilicon production for their extreme hardness, low expansion, excellent high temperature resistance, etc.

Square crucibles are available up to 878mm length.  Detailed information is available upon request.

Quartz wafers are another group of our widely used products in solar industry.  We successfully developed this range of products up to 12¡± in diameter and .01¡± in thickness to satisfy different customers¡¯ requirements.  Detailed information is available upon request.

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