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Heater and dryer

Quartz tubes are used in electric infrared heaters as well as immersion heaters.

For making infrared heaters, QL110 transparent tube is the preferred choice for its higher transmission of IR energy than translucent quartz tube, also for its shorter response time. There are many choices of diameters with QL110 series. Thick wall and large diameter tubes used as reflectors are also available in Quartz Link.

To make immersion heaters, QL210 series translucent tube has been found a good material because of its unique properties. Comparing with transparent tube, translucent tube has longer wavelength and it has the advantages of containing non-exposed heating elements and lower cost.

The curing power of the heaters is doubled by the use of twin-bore tubes. Twin-bore tube is one of the patented products of Quartz Link. Higher radiant efficiency is achieved by putting two tubes together.

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